Nord S. Sorensen

Nord S. Sorensen has been President, Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer, and Director of MedCare
Environmental Solutions, Inc. since the Company inception in September of 2017. Nord and his
associates formed MedCare Environmental Solutions, Inc. (a medical waste management and
environmental services company) to provide full service, “cradle to grave” handling and treatment
services, for medical waste generator customers located in the States of New Mexico, Arizona, and
Texas. The Company currently is registered to transport Regulated Medical Waste in New Mexico and
Texas and is in the process of registering a Type V Solid Waste Medical Waste Treatment Facility in
El Paso, Texas.
Nord is an active member of the Christian faith (Calvary Chapel based) and actively supports local and
regional Christian faith events.

Past Information:

From July of 2011 through Mid-March of 2017, Nord participated as President/CEO/Director in the
development of BIOCYCLE, Inc; which was a Company that provided medical waste management
services to contracted medical waste generator customers in the States of Texas, New Mexico,
Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Nord retired and resigned from
corporate responsibilities in Mid-March 2017; and continues as a BIOCYCLE Shareholder.
From December of 2009 through June of 2011, Nord participated as an owner/officer in the
development of BioLogics NM, Inc; which was a Company that provided medical waste management
services to selected medical waste generator customers in West Texas, New Mexico, and California.
The Company’s assets were sold in June of 2011 to a major waste company.

From March of 2007 through 2009, Nord participated as an owner/officer in the development of a
Tucson, Arizona medical waste company; served as an independent consultant to two privately held
California medical waste companies, assisting them in the development of revenue and disposal
facilities; and assisted two independent Los Angeles, California hospital organizations
in the contractual management of their medical waste.

From March of 2002 through February of 2007, Nord participated as an officer/owner of Sanitec
Industries of Sun Valley, California assisting in the development of a full service medical waste
treatment and disposal company which serviced customers in the Eastern and Western USA markets.
Nord left Sanitec Industries in March of 2007 and continues to maintain his Shareholder interest in the

From 1986 through 1999, Nord participated in the development and operation of solid waste disposal
facilities in the Midwest USA. In 1991 Nord added the medical waste treatment and disposal business
to his efforts, and from 1994 through 2002 Nord developed a regional medical waste and solid waste
business that operated successfully from Southwest Kansas and West Texas; until the businesses
were acquired by complimentary companies in 1999 and 2002.

Nord was born in 1947, and grew up on a family owned farm in Avoca, Iowa. He graduated from Iowa
State University in Ames, Iowa with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in February of

From 1970 through 1971, Nord served as an officer in the United States Army Corps of Engineers
with service in the Republic of Korea. He received Registration as a Professional Civil Engineer
in November of 1973.

From 1972 through 1979 he worked in heavy highway construction as a State and
County Engineer; and from 1979 through 1986 was a private heavy highway contractor.