MedCare Environmental Solutions, Inc. (MedCare) is a privately held corporation owned by waste industry professionals that have more than 50 years of combined experience in the waste management industry. The primary focus/goal for MedCare is to provide exceptional personalized service of the highest quality, utilizing innovative technology in the handling and disposal of medical waste in an environmentally safe and economical manner.

The MedCare medical waste management service program provides services to medical waste generator customers located in the States of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California.

Treatment Facilities

MedCare provides treatment facilities that are cost effective and environmentally sensitive. These facilities provide an environmentally safe transfer and treatment operation for the disposal of medical waste generated by all types of medical facilities.

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Cloud Based Waste Tracking

MedCare provides cloud based waste tracking and accounting that furnish the customer with accurate waste manifesting, treatment certificates, and invoicing documents.

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Waste Container Systems

MedCare provides reusable bulk waste container systems that include various types and sizes of containers (i.e. reusable large mobile (wheeled) bulk waste containers and reusable (multi-waste type) single deposit containers); disposable or reusable sharps container systems; all systems designed to reduce waste handling and related disposal costs.

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